Happy sheep, delicious meat

Happy sheep, delicious meat
Who can resist a sweet, juicy lamb chop? Once you have eaten our meat, we are confident that you will understand that there is a difference. The easy-going lifestyle we provide for our animals and the access they have to a diversity of plants is the secret to a better tasting Sunday lunch.

Like our chickens, sheep are foragers. They will eat just about anything that grows! Visitors to Forage Farms are often surprised to see our sheep munching on the traditionally less popular plants – one of their favourites is lantana. To ensure they have plenty of variety to choose from we have a rotational grazing system that works hand in hand with the chickens. The sheep are great paddock preparers - they keep the grass down for the chooks and who like shorter grass and pecking in the manure that is left behind when we move them on. When the flock has had its turn, we re-seed the paddock for the sheep to return.

All of our sheep are shedding varieties. This suits our hotter climate and as we are breeding for tasty meat and not wool there is no need to shear. The majority of our sheep are Australian white or Wiltipolls crossed with Dorper rams. We have our sheep living together, as nature intended. The rams are with the ewes all year round so for us lambing season is constant. Generally, this is over the winter months, but we do not control the breeding cycle so if lambs come at a different time, we let it be. This means that we can supply our customers with meat all year.

Our sheep are the real deal grass-fed and pasture raised. They graze only on our delicious multi-species pastures. There are no diet additives so you can be assured that your meat is healthy and tasty. Moving them regularly allows constant access to variety and quality nutrients. The chickens move in after aerating and fertilising the land as well as pecking up any parasites left behind.

Our natural sequence farming methods are the key to producing tasty meat that is good for you. We are passionate about ethical food production and providing a relaxed lifestyle for our sheep. This allows our customers to enjoy quality, healthy and local food.

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