Our Story

The Forage Family

Forage Farms is a family operation located south of Gympie in the beautiful Mary Valley.

The story behind Forage Farms begins in the Bylong Valley where three generations of Andrews have lived on "Tarwyn Park" the celebrated home of Natural Sequence Farming, as developed by Stuart's father Peter Andrews. For over 40 years the family has been dedicated to understanding, practising and teaching methods of land rehabilitation. Natural Sequence Farming is used as a system of farming focused on implementing natural landscape functions back into degraded landscapes. The story of Tarwyn Park has been widely communicated with countless radio interviews and newspaper articles along with the story being featured on ABC’s Australian Story four times (these can be viewed hereherehere, and here).

This continued with Stuart creating Tarwyn Park Training, a training program for landholders throughout Australia to attend and learn about Natural Sequence Farming and how it can be implemented into their landscapes.

As a way of broadening the understanding of Natural Sequence Farming, Forage Farms was born to merge food production with landscape restoration.

We added some foragers to the system to give us a helping hand in implementing natural landscape functions. Forage Farms is the home to pastured chickens and pigs along with grass-fed sheep and cattle. Our livestock quarter produce beautiful, fresh produce that is 100% nasties free with no artificial fertilisers and chemical free, ensuring the best for the animals, you and the environment.

We have created a Grow + Forage + Feed experience for the community.

Grow our produce regeneratively ensuring that our animals are the best around, living in the ultimate pastured and natural environment.

Forage our produce fresh from the paddock as it comes with nothing added but the pure goodness that comes naturally with only the best produce.

Feed our produce to the community so they can enjoy, along with us, the best pastured produce around.

So, the new chapter begins and we welcome you to join us as we start a new chapter of regenerative agriculture.