How We Farm

  • How we created a fertile and healthy farm

    How we created a fertile and healthy farm

  • 8 Fascinating Facts about Eggs

    8 Fascinating Facts about Eggs

    If you are after a quick and easy meal, it’s hard to go past the humble egg. Fried, poached, boiled, or baked this delicious and nutritious whole food packs a punch. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein around, and thanks to the pasture raised lifestyle our hens lead you can be confident that a Forage Farms egg free from artificial fertilisers, chemicals, and nasties.

  • Why you should take a Forage Farms tour

    Why you should take a Forage Farms tour 

    Being an ethical consumer means having a close connection with the source of your food. When you take a Forage Farms tour you get to see the regenerative farming process with your own eyes.

  • Why nose to tail?

    Why nose to tail?

    At Forage Farms we sell meat boxes, not individual cuts. It’s about honouring the animal and minimising waste. We don’t slaughter our animals on a large scale and ship portion sized loins or legs off to the big supermarkets in plastic wrap. We raise whole animals. It’s all meat, and it only takes a little creativity to use the cuts we aren't familiar with. 

  • Pasture raised - what does it mean?

    Pasture raised - what does it mean?

    What is pasture-raised? How is it different to free-range? Consumers can be forgiven for being confused by the plethora of terms used to describe the food they purchase these days. Pasture-raised allows for animals to live a more natural, less stressed lifestyle in a constantly rotating environment.

  • Happy sheep, delicious meat

    Happy sheep, delicious meat

    Who can resist a sweet, juicy lamb chop? Once you have eaten our meat, we are confident that you will understand that there is a difference. The easy-going lifestyle we provide for our animals and the access they have to a diversity of plants is the secret to a better tasting Sunday lunch. 

  • Quality of life secret to sweet, juicy pork

    Quality of life secret to sweet, juicy pork

    Did you know that 75% of processed pork (ham and bacon) in Australia is imported and that the majority of the pork you find in your local supermarket has been raised in a shed? Does that make you feel ‘ikky’? 

    Our pasture raised pigs are ‘as happy as pigs in mud.’ Allowing them to forage in chemical free fields is absolutely the secret to superior pork. 

  • Our story; Learnings from the land

    Learnings from the land and real food that consumers want

    Our family has paved a long and hard road as trailblazers, passionate about regenerating the Australian landscape. Stuart Andrews and his sons Hamish and Lachie are the second and third generation of a legacy that was created by Peter Andrews; the founder of Natural Sequence Farming.