Why we created Forage Farms

Why we created Forage Farms

For generations our family has been trying to influence politicians and Government about the benefits of natural sequence farming, with limited success. Stuart Andrews and his family decided a change of tact may be the solution to change. Forage Farms was born out of a desire to see these farming methods adopted by the mainstream. Our family is passionate about providing a hub where people can learn about regenerative farming, how their food is produced and why it’s better.

At Forage Farms we believe that it is important for consumers to lead the way. If you want cheap food, you will get cheap farming practices and a second-rate product, at the expense of the landscape. This model is unsustainable if we are to feed future generations. It is our goal to show consumers that if they stand behind ‘regen’ it provides an incentive for more farmers to do it.

Forage Farms tours

Our farm tours are highly subscribed and provide us with the opportunity for people to see how our farming methods are highly productive and profitable.  Everyone wins on a regenerative farm – the landscape, the animals, and the consumer.

In the US, 78 percent of consumers would like to change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly by reducing their impact on the environment and the climate[i] – a trend that is mirrored in Australia. More farmers need to be taking this seriously if we are to meet this demand. Currently ethically produced food takes up minimum shelf space in mainstream supermarkets.

Change is slow and steady but if you play your part it has a roll-on effect. Forage Farms has been created with a goal of generating change at a grass-roots level. We welcome you to visit our farm and find out how you can contribute to creating impact. Have a look at upcoming farm tour dates here

[i] https://sustainablebrands.com/read/defining-the-next-economy/consumers-are-hungry-for-regenerative-food-brands

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