Why eating local is more important than ever

A dish of locally sourced produce

The term ‘locavore’ was coined by Jessica Prentice after she became hooked on the idea of local food from her shopping experience at a farmers’ market. It resonated with a larger audience and was voted 2007’s ‘Word of the Year’ by Oxford University Press. The local shopping experience had totally changed her relationship with food. She was now purchasing food that had been harvested that morning in a paddock just an hour or two from where she lived. Jessica was meeting the farmers and putting dollars directly into their hands and buying eggs from chickens that pecked for worms in their natural environment instead of being factory farmed. She was buying meat from cattle that had never seen a feedlot. She was connecting directly with the source of her food, and it felt good.

For the same reasons buying local has evolved to attract a growing segment of consumers and in a pandemic environment it makes more sense than ever. Constant Covid supply chain interruptions mean it just makes sense to buy local but there are many other reasons why it is better.

Fewer food miles mean fresher, seasonal produce and reduced environmental impact.  If you are eating broccoli in December in Australia it has come from somewhere cold and far away – red flag!  Buying local helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving our carbon footprint.

When you buy from a local farmer or restaurant your food comes with a story and you can meet the people who grow your food. You can ask them questions about their farming methods and if they use chemicals or nasties. Better quality soil and more sustainable farming practices typically mean better tasting, more nutritious produce.

You are supporting your local economy. It creates jobs on local farms, in restaurants, and distribution systems.  Many people are having a tough time now and a more prosperous community is better for everyone. Buying local will simply make you feel good.

If you want to make a difference start buying your food direct from the farm or at your local farmers’ market or have a night out at your favourite restaurant. Make sure you check the menu. Is the omelette made from locally farmed eggs? Has the pork belly been sourced from nearby? We guarantee it will taste better too. Look for Forage Farms at your local spot or have a browse through our stockists.

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