Our Animals

Free & Happy. As Nature Intended

Pastured Chickens

Our chooks produce truly eggcellent pastured eggs. Our girls love a bit of scratching around and when they’re not chasing bugs and foraging in the fresh grass, our feathered friends can be found sunbathing, wings up, eyes shut and inhibitions cast aside.

You could say that life as a chicken isn’t half bad especially when you have access to fresh green pastures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the addition of our four wonderful guardians, “Sally”, “Leah”, “Max” and “Sam”- our lovely Maremma dogs, the chickens are well protected from any dangers.

Our chooks have it good and they are truly pastured and free range. They are never in a foul mood. They are poultry in motion. No eggceptions.

Pastured Pigs

Our free-range piggies produce exquisite and delicious pastured pork.

Our naughty little oinkers are treated to the ultimate paddock experience. They’re as happy as a pig in mud, roaming the chemical free fields and foraging in luscious green grass. They also feast on a hormone and antibiotic free pellet mix.

Our pigs have it so good that we’re PROOF accredited ensuring that these piggies are always raised in pastured fields with not a worry in the world.

Grass-Fed Sheep

The sheep here at Forage Farms are the real deal grass-fed grazing only on our delightful multi-species pastures, no diet additives here. That is why our sheep produce such fantastic lamb.

Our sheep are a mix of first-cross ewes with our Australian White ram. The sheep can always be found frolicking around in the pasture enjoying their easy-going lifestyle.