Christmas Ham from Forage Farms

Forage Farms Christmas Ham


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Going by our reviews one of the answers to staying in the good books with the family just might be a Forage Farms Christmas ham! Our hams are 100% pasture-raised pigs' legs and each one is cured on the bone and hot-smoked to create the delicious flavour that keeps our customers coming back for more.

‘Best ham in the universe! We baked half the ham and sliced the other half. The comments around the table were of amazement at the flavour. From teenagers to grandparents, we agreed – best ham in the universe!’ - Stewart D.
‘Best Christmas ham ever. Absolutely beautiful ham that was full of flavour but not salty. The smell of it baking with a glaze filled the house with mouth-watering aromas. We all loved it. It was important to source a responsibly farmed, ethical ham for our dinner table. Thanks Forage Farms. We’ll be back for more!’ – Kate E.

Choose a traditional cure or a nitrate free ham

The traditional cure is achieved with a small percentage of nitrates so that your ham will last a little longer in the fridge - and to give the meat that traditional pink colour. The nitrate-free ham is cured with natural nitrates. This means it won’t last quite as long in the fridge and will be a different colour – more like our nitrate-free sliced ham and bacon.

How to look after your ham

Your ham will arrive vacuum-packed, and we suggest leaving it sealed until you start eating it. Once opened, we recommend storing it in your fridge in a vinegar/water-soaked ham bag to keep it fresh for as long as possible over Christmas – and when you have had your fill of ham there’s always the option of slicing the leftovers to freeze and enjoy in the New Year.

Depending on your needs you can order a half leg (rump end or knuckle end) or a full leg which ranges from 7kg-9kg.

If you are after a glazing recipe you might like to try one of the many delicious’ ham glaze recipes. Don’t forget to source as many local ingredients as you can!

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