Why you should order our food online

Why you should order our food online

Did you know that when you purchase any meat product from our online shop, you ensure your food gets packed and stored for optimum quality in the most direct manner? This model also allows us to employ more local people, resulting in a healthier and wealthier community. That makes us feel good.

Many people ask us how delivery works, so here are some common questions answered for you. 

How we pack our food

Our products are shipped frozen in a compostable cardboard box with wool insulation to keep the meat cold. We are reducing a significant waste stream by using waste wool that is not deemed good enough for clothing. Wool insulation is an organic product that can be reused in garden beds or composted. We source all our packing products from Australian-owned Planet Protector Packaging as part of our commitment to keeping our business local. Our boxes are then delivered in refrigerated vehicles by either a member of the Forage Farms team or one of our courier partners.

What to expect when your food arrives

When your food arrives, you can expect the same high-quality products that we work hard to produce at Forage Farms. Your food will have been packed on our farm by a caring team. You can be confident in the provenance of your food that has been produced in a way that is best for the landscape and our animals. And, if you are not home when our driver arrives, they will contact you to check that you are happy for us to leave the package in a safe place. And thanks to our wool-insulated boxes, the meat will remain nice and frozen for several hours.

Where do we ship to?

Our online delivery route extends from Gympie to the Gold Coast throughout southeast Queensland. You can check your postcode here to see if we deliver. If we don't currently deliver to your postcode, please contact us and let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

When do orders close, and when will I receive my order?

Orders close at 5 pm on a Monday. Once received, we'll put your order together and prepare it for shipping. Orders will then be sent out from the farm and, depending on your location, will be delivered Wednesday through Friday.

How much does delivery cost?

Orders from $100 to $299 in value will be shipped for $10.

Orders less than $100 in value will be shipped for $20.

Orders more than $300 in value will be shipped for free.

What if the product I want is out of stock?

As a farm that produces everything we sell due to seasonality, time of year, weather and demand, product availability can vary, and some products may be out of stock. If that is the case, there will be a button that says "Notify Me When Available” which you can add your contact details, and we will let you know when that product is available again.

What to expect from a Forage Farms order

You can expect the same high-quality products that we work hard to produce on our farm, delivered to your door. You can expect to be eating food that's not only bloody tasty but also wholesome and nutritious—grown on our farm whilst building our landscape, looking after our animals and regenerating our ecosystem.

Looking to get some of our products delivered, check out our Farm Shop.

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