The difference between pasture raised and industrial chicken

Forage Farms Pasture Raised Chickens

Taste testing is part of the job here at Forage Farms. We recently cooked up one of our chooks – butterflied on the barbecue. After an hour and 15 minutes, we had a juicy, falling off the bone sumptuous meal. This 2.5kg chicken fed our hungry family of four, including two hardworking young men - with leftovers.  We all work physically hard, so energy is important. The thing about our birds is that they are truly satisfying.

Our animals are raised in an environment designed to minimise stress and provide access to a diverse diet, and as the saying goes, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ Hens raised in industrial sheds are stocked at an average of 30kg per metre squared. In contrast, Forage Farms chooks live at 10kg per metre squared, and this is at finishing size, so when they are smaller, the density is even less. Because our birds are moved every day and they get to forage on new plants, bugs and worms all the time they just have a different flavour. In contrast to shed raised chickens they are healthier.

When you purchase a Forage Farms chook you will be getting just chicken. When you buy a vacuum-packed supermarket chicken you most often get 90 percent chicken and 10 percent salt water, anti-caking agent, sugar, mineral salts, and humectant which is a substance used to retain moisture and is used in all sorts of things including cosmetics and medicines. Not sure about you, but we don’t find this very appetising! The salt water is used because it tastes good. All these additives are compensating for the lack of fats and natural juices in poorly nourished birds. The problem is it’s like when you get your fast-food fix. It tastes good for about five minutes, and then you are generally left feeling unsatisfied, even downright tired. That’s the difference between real food and processed food.

It’s good to have people you trust producing your food. That’s why getting to know your farmer is so worthwhile. We are passionate about how our food is farmed. You can ask us questions that you won’t be able to ask your supermarket. If you value food that is produced in a sustainable and humane way it really is the only way to shop.

Our delicious, nutritious chooks are 100% nasties free, raised on pastures without artificial fertilisers and chemicals so that we can ensure the best for the animals, for the consumer and the environment. They always sell out, so make sure you get your order in quickly.

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