Contented cattle and tasty meat. How we produce Grass-Fed Beef at Forage Farms

A cow in the pasture at the farm

The secret to tasty meat is contented cattle. At Forage Farms, we have worked very hard to provide the best environment for our animals so that we can offer our customers the highest quality beef. Allowing our landscape plenty of time to rest to ensure our cattle can access highly nutritious grass and breeding animals that are suited to the Forage Farms climate means that when you purchase from us, you get the very best. We don’t use nasty chemicals, and our cattle are 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed and finished.

Our farm runs its cattle on a time-controlled grazing system. Depending on the season, each paddock will be rested from grazing for a period so that the pasture has time to re-grow and recover. This ranges from 30 days through to 60, 90 and 120 days. Our objective is always to ensure any grazing is building the property back up, not degrading it. The cattle have a role to play as they help to break down organic matter and put it in touch with bugs and other organisms that will help to rebuild the soil. Their manure and any left-over uneaten plants get trampled into the ground, ready to begin breaking down. This adds a layer of organic material, which protects the soil from sun and water damage – and a lovely environment for bugs and worms.

Good soil maximises the chance of moving our plant succession higher. This means that our animals can access the higher-order grasses that are more palatable and nutritious – the key to contented cattle.

At Forage Farms, we are committed to constantly improving and working with our landscape and climate, not against it. Choosing the right breeds is essential, and our animals need to be resilient in the face of heat, ticks, and flies. As time goes on, we plan to do more breeding and look at genetics that will make sure our animals can be finished on the types of grass that grow in our region. Smaller framed cattle that are hardy and are ready for market at an earlier age are ideal. Grass-fed cattle need enough time to put on fat content before they go to market.  Larger frames tend to take longer to finish there is the temptation to finish them too early - sacrificing taste and quality.

Being able to raise cattle on Forage Farms is a significant milestone for us. Thanks to the work done by our chickens and pigs, the landscape has been prepared and improved enough so that the grasses and plants are ready for finishing cattle on grass.  We think this is pretty clever!

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