Pasture raised hens: the secret to ‘good eggs’

Pasture-Raised Hens at Forage Farms

When it comes to food, savvy consumers are increasingly going back to basics. They want to know where their food comes from and how it was produced. They are shunning chemicals and quick-fix solutions to food production. The health-conscious foodie is after the real deal, and this is where the pasture-raised chook comes into its own. To thrive, and in turn produce the tastiest meat and eggs, a chicken needs to have access to a diverse food source. Natural sequence farming is the closest our birds will get to their natural habitat. Intuitively it just makes sense that your eggs are going to be better for it, and they are. 

Our no nasties, no-nonsense eggs taste better because of the open field, natural habitat we provide for our animals. Our chickens live in mobile sheds which are moved twice a week, every week. This constant rotation ensures the ground doesn’t turn to dirt as it does with free-range and organic farming models. Nutritionally speaking there is no other poultry farming model that will allow hens such consistent access to new plants, bugs, and insects that are essential components of a chook’s optimum diet.

Pasture Raised on Open Fields (*PROOF) certification is now a thing and for those who care about the provenance of their food, and the environment, it is something to keep an eye out for. To qualify, all livestock must be raised outdoors with continuous and unrestricted daytime access to paddocks that are suitable for grazing. They must also ensure their animals are provided with shade and shelter. All animals must use the paddocks each day unless; they choose to shelter because of inclement weather, short-term confinement for veterinary treatment, or when giving birth. Natural feed supplements must also be made available to ensure all nutritional needs are met. Animals are kept at a stocking intensity that will ensure forage is always available in an actively managed rotational grazing system.

The state of our land is profoundly linked to the future sustainability and quality of our food production and we are passionate about farming in a way that honours the natural patterns and processes of the landscape. By restoring our land everyone wins – the environment, the animals, and the consumer. Natural Sequence Farming is all about managing the entire landscape, not just bits and pieces of it. 

When we describe a person as a ‘good egg’ words such as real and wholesome spring to mind. If you purchase your eggs from Forage Farms that’s exactly what, you’ll get. Our eggs are produced in a way that is best for you, the animals, and the environment. You really can’t go wrong with a humble egg from a pasture-raised chook.


*Forage Farms eggs and chickens are PROOF Certified

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